Week 7-

This week i wrote down in my notes the days, activities and time. But then of course yesterday my phone broke at school and i lost it. im going to have to rethink of everything to put on my poster board. this weekend im going to get everything and make the board because i had no time last week and my mom had to take me and she gets off of work late.

Week 6-

i am feeling kind of stuck and un certain. last night me and my mom went for a walk with the dogs for about a half hour. but other then that i have gone for 5 runs. projects coming along together well but would like to find a different way i could show my project.

Week 5-

Things overall are going normal, my next step is find a good organized plan for my Bristol board to show my passion project. I would like everything on my Bristol board to be shown really well and be seen like one of those things you that u can just look at and think it will be an easy thing to read and understand even if you don't know what its about.

Week 4-

Passion projects end in 4 more weeks witch means passion projects are half way through. today i will be looking up videos on YouTube to make this project more fun for me. i think that once i get back t doing it things will be good but for me to do this i think im going to need to be in a good mood and be motivated and not tired for a 45 run after school. A poblem i have incountered is i feel like after a long day of school i am always usually pretty tired and like the past 3 days after school i had 1- 2 hour nap. What i will do to solve my problem is go to bed a half hour earlier every night so around like 10:00 - 10:30, every once in while have a cup of coffee to keep me up or even thinking about how we have to have this done in 4 weeks.

Week 3-

Week 3 - I did end up changing my idea like i said i might just because i feel like i could benefit more from it and becoming more active would be so good for me. Then i would have something to do if i ever get bored i could walk my dog or go for a run with both my dogs. I need to work on getting a real solid plan because for my grit i got a yellow light so i am gonna put more time and effort about thinking what to do and when. I haven't gone out for the run for a few days so i think i probably should today after school.

Week 2-

OK so here's the tea.. at first I was going to do my passion project on my family tree but now i'm thinking of changing my idea to getting more fit. I'm trying something new, i want to see how long it takes for me to get fit. every day after school i will go for a 15 minute walk and at least a 45 minute run. i will try and eat healthier and stop eating bread. i mean junk food too but a really big impact on my life would be bread because i eat it much.